New Year, improved me bundle

New Year, improved me bundle

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Our 2024 wellness starter bundle is perfect for Health and wellness newbies who are ready to transition to a healthier lifestyle and experience the wonderful benefits of the plant- based lifestyle. It’s also perfect for wellness vets looking to snag all of their fave Pink Pantree essentials for the low and finally take the leap or commit to Plant based living. Either way our bundle is right for you!  🌱

Bundle includes

1-16oz original SEA MOSS -great daily supplement for immune system and energy, digestion

 BLADDERWRACK- helps reduce Inflammation, aids in weight loss, supports heart health and anti cancer  

SOURSOP LEAF tea- great for targeting abnormal cell growth, inflammation, immune system and blood disorders 

SHEA BUTTER- to moisturize, soothe and hydrate your skin naturally with no harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients 

BLACK SOAP- good for overall skincare (face and body) can help with acne, dark spots, eczema, fine line last and razor bumps. 

MEAL PLAN- 30 days of wellness, meal plan, prep and lifestyle guide